Adored Beast Yeasty Beast Protocol

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This is a 3 product kit which is meant to help address yeast at the ROOT CAUSE! The 3 products are: a homeopathic combination 60ml remedy liquid YEASTY BEAST I, a nutraceutical powder 69g (60 servings to a 40-59lb dog) called YEASTY BEAST II containing specific enzymes, Pau d’arco and Caprylic Acid, and Liver Tonic 60ml herbal formula, an organ support to help with detox of yeast cells. We have the only cutting edge yeast products on the market that work with the awareness of killing yeast, yet trying to avoid intense Herxheimer reaction (which is the toxic yeast die off) that can make your dog look and feel terrible, which leads to more drugs and continues the mary-go-round of chronic skin disease and gut trauma. This kit has been methodically designed to help destroy yeast, yet support the immune system and body to handle the die off.